Customer can use the powerful dashboard devised by us, through which the user can see his current view of SMS and complete statistics of the sent messages and the type SMS credits consumed.

Instant Delivery

The messages are sent with instant delivery at the recipient’s end. The user end can check the delivery report in the dashboard through a user panel being kept in the dashboard. It cannot get faster.

SMS Scheduling

SMS Scheduling is a feature enabled with our service and enables you to schedule your bulk SMS when you are not at your desk. The system enables you to schedule your SMS text messages at a fixed time.

Secure SMS Access

As a provider for bulk SMS, we care for secure SMS before it is being pushed out to the recipient. The SMS gateway are built with HTTPS connection, which enables to secure the customer’s information.

Easy to use application

As we push bulk SMS for our customers, our back end team persistently get involved in making the web application user friendly so that the web navigation can be done much easily.

SMS from the Web

The application is designed in such a way that the entire process of sending and receiving of SMS messages happens explicitly from any web browser’s with easy accessibility.

International Edge

The SMS application is designed as per the international standards, as the promotional and transactional SMS are sent regardless of time constraints which impeccably matches the respective time zones

SMS Analytics

The SMS application enables the users to bring about clear cut SMS analytics of their bulk SMS campaigns, the user when pushing the SMS can have a bird’s view of the delivered SMS.

Reliable OTP & Bulk SMS Service Provider

Vojotel simplifies sending bulk SMS online, A2P SMS, OTP verification (SMS verification), Bulk SMS campaigns/Marketing, sending transactional SMS alerts, SMS integration (SMS API) for leading & emerging business.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is a method of SMS communication which is system automated. The application or website sends specific SMS for a specific action and attempts to get user authentication. The transactional SMS is critical to execute certain operations and often contains valuable information.

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS is designed and conceived to promote your business by sending their offers, discounts or conveying about a new product release in the market to both the existing and new customers.  The promotional SMS can be sent between 9 AM to 9 PM across the time zone.

Phone Verification API

The phone verification API which works as an excellent OTP API for certain transactions and becomes a perfect yardstick for verifying the phone numbers of the customers before the proper phone number authentication.

Bulk SMS Gateway

Bulk SMS Gateway is a platform to send bulk SMS to a large number of audience within seconds. Vojotel has been quite successful in having the robust Bulk SMS Gateway for customers who look forward to send 1 lakh to 50 lakh messages at one single go.

Vojotel Bulk powers 3 million customers with Bulk SMS & OTPs per day

Vojotel has been a telecom service provider in India, which delivers Bulk SMS service to the subscribers handsets directly without any other possible deviations. Customer’s who rely on us for their advertisement needs, get their share of peace of mind when they assign us a task of promotional SMS delivery which gets transmitted securely and reaching the recipient at the right time. Customers also leverage the benefits of Transactional SMS, which authenticates their transactions from bulk OTP’s per day.


Vojotel has been the telecom provider, and we are one of the reputed players and are acclaimed to be the Bulk SMS service provider in India. We are the most preferred communication system provider since its inception, as we offer our esteemed customers with an affordable rate, which cares about your budget constraints.

Our advanced communication capabilities have been built with absolute proficiency, we are able to incorporate Short Code SMS, Long Code SMS, Transactional Bulk SMS, Promotional SMS, OTP Service which explicitly matched to your specific business needs.


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